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Everything we possess has technology integrated into it nowadays. Now it's time for your wallets to have an upgrade as well. Keeping track of our essential belongings is both a necessity and a challenge, especially if our wallets get lost. It gives us a scare. Hence, here come AirTag wallets in 2023, which are all the rage now and offer a new level of peace of mind and organization to our lives. 


What is an AirTag Wallet?

Apple introduced the AirTag, a tracking device, in 2021 to aid people in locating their lost belongings. It has been immensely useful and popular for tracking lost luggage and stolen property. 

AirTags have also been attached to wallets. But it’s not always convenient in terms of replacing the battery and creates a significant bulk of your wallet. It may not even fit inside some wallets at times. 

 Hence, many third-party manufacturers have come up with AirTag wallets with dedicated pockets or slots to securely hold AirTags. Other than that, it pretty much functions as a normal wallet, with compartments to place cards and bills. 

 Following these incredibly difficult times, there's been an increasing risk of getting your wallet stolen. So let’s change the way we interact with our belongings. These AirTag wallets can not only organize your cards and cash but also ensure that your wallet is virtually impossible to lose.

How does an AirTag Wallet work?

An AirTag Wallet works the same way as attaching the device to any other item.

 An iPhone or iPad can read AirTags, which are tiny trackable discs. Not GPS, but Bluetooth, is used to monitor their location. An AirTag emanates a Bluetooth signal that connects privately and securely to any device in the Find My network (Apple's location-tracking feature), and its location is triangulated by its connections and transmitted back to your iPhone.

How to use an AirTag Wallet?

Apple's AirTag technology uses Bluetooth connectivity to locate lost items. Nearby devices share the AirTag's private location data with iCloud, making it accessible via the 'Find My' application. The 'Find My' application includes all Apple devices associated with your iCloud account.

 Additionally, you can activate 'Lost Mode' for your AirTag. Apple will send you notifications in this mode if it detects that your wallet is no longer nearby. Typically, these notifications include an approximate location in case your wallet is misplaced. If your AirTag cannot establish a Bluetooth connection for any reason, you will receive either a precise location or a 'last-seen' location.

 To locate your AirTag wallet, please follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the app 'Find My'.
  • Click on the 'Items' tab.
  • Choose the option of the wallet.
  • Tap 'Find,' denoted by the icon of a green arrow.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, which will guide you to the precise location of your wallet as you move around.


Key features of an AirTag Wallet

The Juzar Tapal Collection features a high-quality AirTag wallet made of lychee cowhide. It’s a type of leather derived from a cow with a texture embossed similar to a lychee surface. This is why it has a luxurious and soft touch, is resistant to scratches, and withstands wear and tear. So if you’re worried about damaging the mini-size tech inserted in your wallet, you need not be. This leather type is the material to trust for its robustness!

 Moving on, apart from the normal bill compartment and slide slips, the AirTag wallet has a unique pop-up card slot that pops on the press of a button, and you can place in as many as six cards!

 It's a treat to put your credit and debit cards in that petite pop-up card slot; however, you are at risk of RFID skimming, and you might not even sense it. J.T.C.’s AirTag Wallet has advanced RFID-blocking technology, diligently protecting your credit card information. So even if you are an inch away from credit card thieves, they have no chance at it. 

 Lastly, a minimalist lifestyle is what people are choosing to live by, and our AirTag wallet is exactly what that delivers. Its slim, compact size nonetheless has ample capacity to hold your belongings.

Does an AirTag work in an RFID wallet?

So, if you’re wondering if the RFID-Blocking Technology prevents the AirTag from working, absolutely not. These different devices are compatible with each other and ensure the firm security of both your credit card information and the wallet itself. 

Where do I buy an AirTag wallet?

You’ve come to the right place at the right time if you have considered purchasing the AirTag Wallet. Juzar Tapal Collection is at your service, giving you the best quality AirTag wallet at a superb discount, and not to mention, you can avail of free delivery as well!

J.T.C. presents the best-quality leather wallets for men and women and more exciting accessories that will transform your outfit, boost your confidence, and leave a lasting impression.


Q. Is AirTag good for a wallet? 

A. Yes, an AirTag may be good to attach or place inside your wallet, but it won't be convenient due to its size. It’s recommended to buy specially designed AirTag wallets so your security and storage won’t be compromised in the slightest.


Q. How much range does an AirTag wallet cover?

A. According to Apple, an iPhone must be within 33 feet of any Bluetooth device in order to connect. As a result, regardless of the actual range of an AirTag, the operative distance is 10 meters.


Q. Will the RFID wallet block AirTag?

A. No, RFID-blocking technology cannot affect the working of the AirTag. AirTags utilize Bluetooth technology. Its radiofrequency signal is stronger than credit card RFID chips. Low-frequency RFID chips can only be read at 4 inches away, and RFID blockers make them unreadable. But AirTag signals can overcome this low-level signal degradation.


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