Juzar Tapal Collection was established in 2008 and is a fast growing Retail store where we do our very best to satisfy every customer in our products and Services. J.T.C prides itself on its commitment to constantly increase the Quality of our goods and sell them to our customers honestly. We aim to develop a strong retail presence globally, where our sustained Growth can help us serve our customers and the market well.


At Juzar Tapal Collection, we promote the use of sustainable leather products from across the worldand hope to inspire people about the beautiful capabilities of our products. 


    We are proud to say that each of our
    products is hand crafted to show the power of the human spirit and its
    propensity to create a sustainable future.


    Quality is of utmost importance when selecting leather for our products; our leathers are drum-tanned, so the color is pigmented throughout the leather and will not rub off, allowing our products to endure for years.


    Proudly producing handcrafted leather products for over 10 years. We are significant for the quality and excellent workmanship in each and every product made. Selling not only throughout America but also extensively worldwide.


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Frequently Asked Question

How Many Slots Should A Wallet Have?

Most of these wallets have three to eight credit card slots, along with two or three additional pockets for ID or calling cards. More card scan be stored in the wallet if a slide-out or third sleeve.

How To Check Genuine Leather?

In addition to being made of genuine leather, a product labelled as "genuine leather" also signifies that it is of the lowest quality. If you're looking for something cheap and don't give a damn about the leather
quality, this grade will do.

Why Is A Wallet Important For Your Business?

A wallet is essential for keeping all of your possessions, travel documents, money, and credit and debit cards safe against theft, damage, and exposure to the elements. It's also a fantastic accessory that may help you identify your style while also becoming a part of your overall image.